Socialists and Systems-Thinkers Can Co-create a Better World – Roy Madron

Socialists and Systems-Thinkers Can Co-create a Better World.

The idea that a few hundred people who call themselves ‘systems-thinkers’ and the many millions who call themselves ‘socialists’ need each other to achieve their highly-complementary ambitions has only just occurred me. However, the more I think about it the more it makes sense if we want to make the world a far, far better place.

I can’t explain my reasoning properly in a few dozen words because the idea of socialists and systems-thinkers combining forces to co-create a better world is so rich and exciting that new confirming thoughts demand my attention all the time. Moreover, it is such an important idea for both ‘systems-thinkers’ and ‘socialists’ that it deserves to be given some space to breath and find its feet, as it were.

Ultimately, however, my reasoning comes down to three basic premises.

First, as the section on W.Edwards Deming and Stafford Beer shows, ‘socialists’ and ‘systems-thinkers’ share a wide range of fundamental values and aspirations

Second, ‘socialists’’ need ‘systems-thinkers’ to help them to manage successfully the hugely complex system-transformations they have promised the voters to deliver.

Third, ‘Systems-thinkers’ are in the business of transforming complex human systems for the benefit of everyone who works or lives in or depends on the system, not just for the top 1% to 10%. Such aims are incompatible with the purposes of the current neoliberal-managerialist regimes but fit very well with the visions of the people I am calling ‘socialists’

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