Designing stuff, revisited


In August 2014, I made a post (here) about thepresentation on design thinking by Harold G. Nelson at the Human-Computer Interaction Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford on April 16, 2010Since then I have grown convinced that design and systems thinking are more intricately linked than I thought back then (see also my post of 4 October 2018). Hence the need to revisit Harold Nelson’s work on design thinking. The problem is to find a suitable scaffold to construe my understanding of Nelson’s design thinking in terms of Churchman’s systems thinking. In Nelson’s major book on design, the design way, Churchman is referred to 5 times and his systems approach 8 times, which seems relatively little compared with its underlying influence. Nelson’s presentation at Stanford is an introduction to his book, which is an introduction to the fundamental understanding of design…

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