Conceptual modelling of complex topics: ConML as an example / Modelado conceptual de temas complejos: ConML como ejemplo

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What are conceptual models? How can conceptual modelling effectively represent complex topics and assist communication among people from different backgrounds and disciplines?

This blog post describes ConML, which stands for “Conceptual Modelling Language”. ConML is a specific modelling language that was designed to allow researchers who are not expert in information technologies to create and develop their own conceptual models. It is useful for the humanities, social sciences and experimental sciences.

What are conceptual models?

A conceptual model is a formal or semi-formal representation of a topic under investigation, using concepts rather than physical parts. Conceptual models are generally visualised in the form of diagrams plus accompanying text, as shown in the figure below.

A modelling language is an artificial language designed to express models. Since models are usually depicted in…

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