Productive Organisational Paradoxes – Ivo Velitchkov



This was Ivo’s presentation at the SCiO open event in London last week ( for more) – one of those real brain workouts which he’s so good at. I’m not sure how well others can follow from the slides, but depending on how the edit comes out, SCiO members and/or those following his blog – I think but maybe




Also well worth a look from the Strategic Structures website is

What can Social Systems Theory bring to the VSM?

In 2015, when the Metaphorum was in Hull, I tried to kick off a discussion about potential contributions from cognitive science, and particularly from the Enactive school. I shared some insights and hinted at other possibilities. This year the Metaphorum conference was in Germany for the first time. It was organised by Mark Lambertz and hosted by Sipgate in Düsseldorf. I saw in the fact that the Metaphorum was in Germany a good opportunity to suggest another combination, this time with the Social Systems Theory of Niklas Luhmann.

These are the slides from my talk and here you can also watch them with all animations.

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