Release | Media effects | Special Issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing

Dr. Steffen Roth

Heidingsfelder, M. and Roth, S. (2018) Media effects. Special Issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing, Vol. 25 No. 4.


Table of contents

Foreword: Media Effects (M. Heidingsfelder)

Contingency Alert: Editorial Note on Necessary and Impossible Media (S. Roth)


The Mediality of Looseness (U. Stäheli)

Listening to Media in Cultural Theory, Sociology, and Management (D. Baecker)

Digitality with a Medium of Communication: With a Focus on Organizations as Systems of Decision-Making (A. Brosziewski)

Mousing, Swiping, Thinking: Magical Conquest Techniques in the Context of Electronic Communications Media (P. Fuchs)

New Media and Socio-Cultural Formations (J. Fuhse)

Regular Features

Column: Virtual Logic-The Erdos Machine (L. Kauffman)

Photo credit: Stefan M. Seydel,

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