Requisite Agility Unsymposium – Fundamental Organizational Design Principles for Business Agility 5th – 6th December 2019, Heidelberg, Germany


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Fundamental Organizational Design Principles for Business Agility

About the RA UnSymposium

At the conclusion of the UnSymposium in Times Square, New York we asked, what is your unmet need? What new knowledge and perspective would make the greatest difference in your practice?

We were told to bring forth real-life case studies that reveal how organizations from all sectors are building agile, resilient and conscious enterprises, not caught up in vendors selling products, but in pragmatic ways that you can apply in a practical manner in your own organization.

Bring your own topic or help solve a problem similar to one you are experiencing and gain a deeper understanding of RA’s core tools and frameworks, after the UnSymposium.”

Embark on a two-day exploration of designing organizations for the 21st century, with a program that’s built around experiential learning, critical discussion, and practical actions for your own organization -there will be something for everyone!

Congruence Day

Expect a highly-interactive  experience that will unlock and share everyone’s combined best thinking.

Open Space

Bring your own topic or help solve a similar problem that others are experiencing.


Gain a deeper at post UnSymposium workshops for deeper understanding of core tools and frameworks.

Deep Talks

Engineered to provide peer-supported advice on individuals’ most pressing problems.Sponsorship Opportunities

Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg (City Convention Hall)

The Heidelberg’s City Convention Hall, located by the river Neckar. It is the most distinctive landmark of the Old Town district. Heidelberg has a long tradition of cultural and academic exchange of knowledge. If you have been there before you know, but if you haven’t Heidleberg Castle and the Old Bridge is unforgettable.
Neckarstaden 24, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Be a part of the community where you will discover pragmatic solutions !

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