Mural of systems science history (2006)

I found–2006.pdf as a photo (of a version in Second Life?!) related to the recent ISSS conference, and David Ing, found the pdf.
This was created
Bob Horn still has his site: Bob Horn – which includes (for example) the very excellent  “The Little Book of Wicked Problems and Social Messes – DRAFT” PDF amongst other systems murals.
Text from the info box on the mural tells the story
What is this?
Interactive mural of the history of the ideas of cybernetics and general systems
Prepared by by Robert E. Horn, Stanford University,
for the 50th Anniversary of the
International Society for the Systems Sciences
Sonoma State University, July 9-14, 2006
The Project. This project is an ongoing
process of creating an information mural
that illustrates the fundamental ideas in
the history of cybernetics and general
systems. It was created with the help of a
group of students in Dr. Debra
Hammond’s systems class at Sonoma
State University. On the mural are key
quotes from the history of the field,
pictures of individuals who are credited
with first formulating these ideas, and
announcements of the key books and
journals of the field. In addition,
important conferences and other
important events are noted. This mural is
approximately 15 feet in length and three
feet high.
How it was used at the conference.
Part of the process of creating the
info-mural was discovering the patterns
for the key threads of historical
development and then rendering these as
visual patterns. For that, I looked for
help from other conferees. During part
of the conference I stood near the mural
and conversed with those who are
interested and put their suggestions on
the mural. I also made a formal
presentation in one of the parallel
Status. The mural is in Version.1.0.