SCIO DACH CAMP 2019 – video and short summary – next camp 10/10/2020

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🌀Michael Frahm

🌀Michael Frahm

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SAVE THE DATE für das nächste Camp in Wintherthur mit Dr. Michael Pfiffner am 10.10.2020 Great time and a lot of input at the bar camp for systems practice with Patrick Hoverstadt Hamid Rahebi Markus Orengo Wolfgang Lassl Alexander Leitz Carola Roll, M.Sc. Ralf-Eckhard Türke Dr. Michael Pfiffner Bernhard Sterchi Andrea Weierich #systems #complexity #scio thanks to #stattys Mikko Mannila and from the Andreas Ehrhardt #innovationszentrum Eels for the support SAVE THE DATE for the next camp in Wintherthur with Dr. Michael Pfiffner on 10.10.2020


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