Survey – from The Systems School – Creating a decision support tool for the use of systems thinking methods

via Creating a decision support tool for the use of systems thinking methods Survey


We want to support individuals and teams to feel clarity and confidence in their ability to identify a systems method at the time they need it, in their work. Our understanding is that while there are lots of systems methods, it is not always obvious what can be used when, and for what purpose. In order to offer this support, we are seeking to better understand what kinds of situations you are in and the context, when you think you would like to use a systems method, but are not sure which one to use. This will help us to develop a decision support tool for systems methods.

We’ve structured the questions around the Systems Change Framework and we’ve assumed some familiarity with this framework.

This project is being developed in partnership with Barwon Health and The Systems School.

At the end of the survey you can submit your email if you would like updates on the project.