The Dynamics of Seeing – Goethe, Wittgenstein and Bortoft

Transition Consciousness

I have not had much time this week to write, so thought I would jot down a few notes on where I am up to in my exploration of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Having made my way through 3/5 of Ray Monk’s Wittgenstein – The Duty of Genius, a new vista is opening up to me in terms of comprehending his philosophy. In the second part of his life he was greatly influenced by Goethe’s dynamic way of seeing, a way of seeing that can be almost impossible for intellectuals and academics to comprehend, because it is a new way of seeing which can only be experienced, and not analysed using our logical, rational and abstract minds. But this way of seeing is critical in truly comprehending the complexity of both organic systems and dynamic systems such as language, for it is only through changing our way of seeing that we can…

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