Systemic Design – Systems Innovation Live Discussion – LIVE – 23 March, 18:00 UK time

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LIVE – 23 March, 18:00 UK time

Systemic Design: Live Discussion

How do we approach design in the age of complexity? How can we ensure sustainable outcomes when designing? Systemic design is an approach to design that starts from the perspective of the whole system; how to design for synergies between the parts, networks and the emergence of sustainable outcomes. This 1-hour discussion hopes to shed light on what we mean by the term “systemic design” and how we can approach it. The Speakers: Tom Bosschaert is the Founder and Director at Except, a design firm which develops and implements strategies to make cities, buildings, companies, industries and day-to-day life more resilient, more sustainable, and more human. Tom has recently developed the Symbiosis in Development methodology, combining systems thinking, complexity analysis, iterative design thinking and co-creation in multi-disciplinary teams, and shared this as a free e-book: Virginie Gailing is a co-designer and permaculturist. She is teaching “Systemic Design” and “Participatory & transformation design” at the Design Akademie Berlin. She is a collaborator at the Systemic Design Group, a community-of-practice who seek to make Systems Thinking more approachable. Kristel Van Ael is a Designer and Creative Director of the Namahn design agency, which specialises in human-centered design. She also teaches product-service systems and systemic design at the University of Antwerpen. Namahn has also collaborated to produce a Systemic Design Toolkit which summarises some principles and provides templates to facilitate the process of systemic design: