Beyond Complexity


Oliver Wendell Holmes (OWH) was a Supreme Court justice who once said something so profound, that few people at the time, including himself, really understood the depth of the sentiment.

There are a few slightly different versions, quoted in various places, but I think this one best captures the sentiment. He also said a few other things, many notable, some stupid and several now unrepeatable. With regard to this quote, he is essentially saying that either side of the inherent ambiguity of complex situations, there are some calmer more understandable spaces, but and this is the crux, those other spaces are not the same. They are easily confused by the uninitiated, but they are fundamentally different to operate within, effectively.

This Side…

We’re all familiar with the simple stuff “this side” as he calls it. There are some things that are enduring, easy to understand, buried in common knowledge, do…

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