Follow-up: Embracing Complexity session at #SkollGoesVirtual

Email from the session, with rich pickings:


Thank you for attending our #SkollGoesVirtual session on Embracing Complexity!

We uploaded the materials in case you couldn’t make it:

You are also most welcome to join us at one of our next two webinars on Embracing Complexity:

Four documents were mentioned during the sessions:

Here are the invitations for follow-ups from the partners:

  • Catalyst 2030 invites you to join their network (see
  • If you want to promote ideas and practices around systems change funding, join the working group on that topic within Catalyst 2030. Reach out to Florian Rutsch ( if you want to learn more.
  • The failures of systems—from healthcare to social welfare to wage inequality & food insecurity—are exacerbating the COVID crisis. Ashoka finds and supports systems changing social entrepreneurs who work on these issues across the world. The program is an easy way to get started with systems change funding. Reach out to Manmeet Mehta ( if you want to learn more.

Since this was the first time the Skoll Foundation hosted a virtual week-long experience, they are eager to learn from it. If you have not already received this request from the Skoll Foundation, please complete the following survey

Best wishes to you and your colleagues,
Odin Mühlenbein on behalf of Ashoka, Catalyst 2030, Co-Impact, Echoing Green, Schwab Foundation, Skoll Foundation, and Systemiq