Why “Deep Thinking” is not a natural act | Meetup – Systems Thinking Toronto, April 28, 6.30-8pm EDT

via Why “Deep Thinking” is not a natural act | Meetup


Why “Deep Thinking” is not a natural act



Topic: Why Deep Thinking is not a natural act


Part 1: (60 minutes)

= Introduce concepts
= What is thinking?
= Deductive, Inductive, Abductive reasoning with examples
= Some surveys with PollEV with instant results and discussions around results
= Video exercise with results on Poll EV
= Introduce System 1 and System 2 thinking
= Various types of thinking tools: Systems Thinking, Scientific Thinking and CAS – a brief introduction

Part 2: (Breakout and summary: 30 minutes – large group)

= Break out and discuss why it is difficult to apply these tools
= Ability for participants to put together and document their thoughts using collaborative tools
= participants would have access to the previous slides in the breakout groups for discussing
= Use of 4-8-all (Liberating structures) regrouping based on how many participants register
= Bring everyone together to summarize learnings from the session
= Point them to further learning resources


= Types of thinking and when to use
= Thinking tools – Complexity, Systems Thinking and Scientific thinking
= When to use what tool in what context?
= Why is it hard to apply such “Deep Thinking” in day-to-day life and at work – the group summary
= Where do I find more information and/or learn more about these tools and techniques – resources: books, videos, free online courses, blogs for each of the items talked about