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Health Ecosystem Value Design 2.0

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Health Ecosystem Value Design Framework 2.0

We are delighted to announce the launch of the fully revised version of Health Ecosystem Value Design® 2.0, our comprehensive health and wellbeing ecosystem design, co-production and transition framework.

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Version 2.0 of the Health Ecosystem Value Design® framework rises to the challenge of the “no return to normal” that Covid-19 offers us. 

It provides:

  • A revised means to study health and disease by framing health ecosystems around a particular context of human experience, disease or condition

  • A new “beyond biomedical” conception of health as individual, family, community and social group capacities or powers of acting

  • A novel approach to explore and understand the emergence (both decline and recovery) of lived health experience over a duration of time

  • A way to see and address real underlying structural forces that produce health and disease, as well as health and care system powers or ideologies, priorities, practices and outcomes

  • A dynamic relational health ecosystem value model that moves beyond narrow exchange or transactional and outcome conceptions

  • The first ever ecosystem value design method and capabilities diagnostic and development tool

Launch webinar May 5 2020

The “U” Health Ecosystem Value Design® Method

Health Ecosystem Value Design® follows a “U” logic, method and flow. Each step in the “U” shown below contains a template for enquiry into Real Lived Experiences with Health, assemblages, structures and forces of health and the design of Health Ecosystem Value.

Umio Health Ecosystem Value Design Simplified Model v1.png