2014/02/25 18:00 Terence Deacon, “Emergence: Why self-organization is not enough”, U. of Toronto

In brief. David Ing.

Abstract for Terence Deacon talk:

How can living and mental “selves” exhibit properties that are so unlike the properties of the inanimate, insentient material processes that constitute them? Can an account of how order spontaneously arises from chaotic beginnings in so-called “self-organizing” processes solve these mysteries?  this talk will demonstrate how self-organizing processes work, explain why they alone cannot solve these mysteries, but hen show how certain higher order relationships between self-organizing processes do create selves.

Wiegand Memorial Foundation Lecture Series, Vivian & David Campbell Conference Facility, Munk School of Global Affairs

Welcome by Jay Pratt, vp of dean and infrastructure

Weigand interest:  in larger questions, science and faith

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