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The subject of human thermodynamics is akin to mountain climbing: we know thermodynamics governs us as it does the universe, the question is not if, the question is how? Only through study of the pioneers (below) shall we reach the summit.

In hmol scienceHT pioneers, or pioneers of human thermodynamics, are those (505+) scientists and writers, as listed below, who over the years have contributed theory and logic to the understanding of the thermodynamics of human existence

“I’m sorry Lord Kelvin (1824-1907) is dead. I would travel a few thousand-million miles to discuss with him the thermodynamics of socialistic society.” (Henry Adams, Letter to English lawyer Charles Gaskell, 1909)

“The fascination of a growing science lies in the work of the pioneers at the very borderland of the unknown, but to reach this frontier one must pass over well traveled roads; of these one of the safest and surest is the broad highway of thermodynamics.” (Gilbert Lewis and Merle RandallThermodynamics, 1923)Each person’s photo-size is indicative of a combination of originality, contribution density, impact, and deepness of thought and theory penetration. Ranks of pioneers within a given year, are listed in descending order. Small quick-mark clickable icons, as described in the following table, are used to facilitate topics and theories associated with the work of each person. Those thinkers with equations, shown in upper right hand corner (of their description), each equation representative of that person’s work, signifies a deeper thinker who goes beyond simple verbal arguments and employs the language of differential equations, rather than simple verbal arguments, otherwise known as entropology, which are a dime-a-dozen; most-often becoming empty excursions into nonsense. Thinkers are grouped into four year-range categories: past-1799 (8+), 1800-1899 (51+), 1900-1999 (334+), and 2000-present (110+):