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Acting Cybernetically | Cybernetics & Human Knowing

Ben Sweeting says:
I’m pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing titled ‘Acting Cybernetically’. This comprises a selection of papers from the 2019 conference of the American Society for Cybernetics held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The conference was organised by Tom Scholte, Pille Bunnell and myself. The special issue has been edited by myself and Tom.
Follow this link for an overview:
You will find that several features (forward, commentary, two columns) are available open access, although the main papers require a subscription to see more than a preview. If you don’t currently, I do encourage you to subscribe or to ask your institution to do so – it is good value and helps support the infrastructure of our discipline.
Additional papers from the conference are published in other issues in this volume as regular articles and in the ASC Pages column.
Best wishesBen

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Acting Cybernetically | Cybernetics & Human Knowing

Cybernetics & Human Knowing

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Acting Cybernetically

Issue: 2Year: 2020Table of ContentForeword: Acting CyberneticallyCommentary: You’re a Cybernetician. Act Like One!Articles: Acting Cybernetically?Bridging Bateson’s Gap: Participating Cybernetically in a More-Than-Human WorldActing Cybernetically: Practicing Design Theory and Theorizing Design Practice as a Participatory Learning JourneyA Fun Palace: A Mixed Reality Event Through the Looking Glass of CyberneticsColumn: Guest Column: The Relevance of Cybernetics in the 21st CenturyASC Pages: Learning for Timely Action: An Introduction to the Cybernetics of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI)Featured Artist: Donna Ruff