Reacting or adapting? Purposeful adaptation and response to contextual change.

Rebel with Causation

Adaptive management is increasingly on the ticket for development programming, and has been crucial in the wake of covid-19. I’ve been working with adaptive programmes for most of my career as DFID has often been pioneering and supportive of it as an approach. However, the question I hear frequently is ‘but what does good look like?’ and so I wanted to take time to reflect on that.

This particular blog post was prompted by a conversation I had with a colleague and friend Ben Kumpf (@bkumpf), Head of Innovation in DFID (then-called if reading after September 2020). We had been discussing enablers of adaptation and he asked me if I had any case studies of tools and methods that worked well… which is what sparked me to say ‘I don’t think I can do that, as I don’t believe those are what meant adaptation worked well’. After some…

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