Complexity Weekend – Oct 16-18 2020 online – hack event – Meet new collaborators and learn Complexity Science by doing

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Meet new collaborators and learn Complexity Science by doing

Complexity Science is an interdisciplinary and inclusive framework for studying, designing, and controlling Complex system behavior, such as global pandemics, extreme weather events, electoral politics, economic recovery and poverty, and much more. Over the course of one weekend, you will experience Complexity from a variety of perspectives, while developing solutions to real-world problems in a team setting, such as:

  • Information flow in a time of global connectivity
  • Adaptive planning for communities amidst turbulence and uncertainty
  • Addressing climate change and extreme weather events
  • Ensuring fair and accurate elections
  • Evaluating shelter-in-place policy efficacy during a pandemic
  • Building resiliency into businesses, governments, and families
  • Healthcare policy and efficacy
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Any other difficult and ongoing problems you can identify