Who are our fellow travellers?

  • I very much see that there are a large number of movements aligned with my views on systems/cybernetics/complexity and their application, including but not limited to the list below
  • Epistemic status: putting it out there as a starting point, aware of lack of nuance and details, for example, a distinction that needs to be made between deep foundational ideas and their technologies, and enabling technologies that might simply be useful in helping along the way. (Much as, in developing the Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship in the UK – https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/systems-thinking-practitioner/ – we differentiated between core systems application knowledge and facilitation skills and approaches)
    • Safety 2.0/ Safety Differently / Human Factors, and road safety
    • Strong Towns/urban design and related fields
    • Permaculture
    • Road safety differently
    • Systems convening, systems weaving and a bunch of approaches than can potentially be clearly enough differentiated to be identified
    • Transition Towns
    • ‘Teal’ and stuff
    • Teacher Tom and other good thinking on child development and teaching
    • Various forms of theatre and constellations work
    • Various forms of embodiment work
    • The Collective Journey concept
    • Evolutions of Lean, Theory of Constraints, Agile
    • Meta- stuff (meaning crisis, metamodernism, meaningness, ‘Game B’ etc – there are many here)
    • Developments of Buddhism and shamanism, and no doubt other aspects of spirituality
    • Aspects, at least, of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’
    • Adult/vertical development of various stripes
    • Transdisciplinary thinking (and to some extent interdisciplinary thinking)
    • Some aspects of ‘international development’ thinking
    • some deep history from authentic human traditions – usually marginalised and ‘othered’ minority, indigenous people, and some of the deracinated, genericised versions of the same (‘Way of Council’ etc)

I would welcome additions to this list! It’s lacking in nuance at the moment, for sure, but it is certainly enlivening to me to see aspects and reflections of the same combination of things like:

  • embodiment and intellectual reflection, with practices around both
  • deep patterns, drivers, and structures along with pragmatic application
  • multi-level and multi-perspective thinking and analysis
  • and a degree of irony and lack of self-seriousness at the best moments as well…