Lisa McNulty on Twitter: “Does postrat Twitter have a reading list?…” / Twitter

A good list, though apparently ‘postrat’ (post-rationalist) twitter is over (that figures, I was just enjoying it):

there were actually two official reading lists, from back when postrat twitter did exist (it does not exist anymore)…

Those links:


Sam Rosen


Haley Thurston


Lawful Creativity

Objectivity and Art

Objects of Fandom

Evaluative Patterns

Qualia Research Institute

What Is Metamodernism?

Qualitative Reasoning Group

Culture Is Not About Esthetics

Things you are supposed to like

The Slaughterhouse of Literature

The Melancholy of Subculture Society

A general evolutionary theory of fiction

Why Post-Millennial Movies Are So Bad

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Film Crit Hulk’s four groups of media-consumers

The GIGABORE: A decade of cultural blandness

A taxonomy of social-performance theories of taste

4 Things People Mistakenly Think Are Automatically Hilarious

Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste / excerpt

Slow Food: The French Terroir Strategy, and Culinary Modernism

Harmonic Society: 8 Models of Art for a Scientific Paradigm of Aesthetic Qualia

Sarah Perry: Beauty Is FitA Bad CarverBody PleasureCringe and the Design of Sacred Experiences

Tyler Cowen: StoriesIn Praise of Commercial CultureIs a Novel a Model?How American Food Got BadCreative Destruction / interviewOnce We Listened to the Beatles. Now We Eat Beetles.

Compression: Compression ProgressCompressivenessMusical beauty and information compression


A bunch of UST-adjacent essays (and one novel) that are good

Request: if edited down, we don’t do so in the same document / by deleting entries here; it’d be good to have the full list available

Peter Watts

Nick Szabo

David Chapman/Meaningness

Kevin Simler

Venkatesh Rao (recommend as an opening piece) (recommended as a closing piece)

Sarah Perry

Haley Thurston

Gabriel Duquette

Gwern Melancholy of Subculture Society

Tiago Forte

Scott Alexander

Alex Boland

George Koleszarik

Hotel Concierge

Sarah Constantin

Peter Thiel 

Nassim Taleb

Neal Stephenson 

Paul Graham 

Raymond Brannen

Harold Lee 

Warg Franklin 

Michael Huemer

Ben Thompson