Business Modeling courses online (basic free, others paid)


Business Modeling courses

Business Modeling Courses

… the fast, reliable path to Living Business Models

Everyone talks about “Business Models”, but most popular frameworks are little more than abstract descriptions! need models that work, doing what is actually happening in the real-world, and showing how the future may play out. Then we can test how our plans might improve things. 

Dynamic, “living” business models simulate reality.

They can transform the performance of any enterprise, or function, and enable you to tackle challenges with much more confidence. And because everyone can see why everything is changing, you get the “joined-up thinking” we all want.

If you are an analyst, consultant, business-student or teacher, then you should know how to build and use these models.

What will I learn?

Quite simply, how to specify, build and use working, quantified models of any business challenge or plan you choose!

  • “Getting-Started”… a free extract from the full Core course. “Follow me” demonstrations to build a complete working model in an afternoon.

    FREE : more info
  • Core concepts(Classes 1-4) … create working models of any enterprise, department or issue, following our ‘AgileSD’ process. With demo models and templates to help you start on your  challenges.

    £90/$135 .. more info
  • Extensions(classes 5-10) … more  powerful frameworks – tackling competitors; developing staff, products, customers; handling intangibles and more. Each is awesome on its own, or add them to your business model.

    £150/$225 .. more info

How will I learn?

The process is simple:

… watch screen-show videos explaining key principles and demonstrating the steps to build a model

… copy the models yourself

… adapt the models to your own needs

You work to your own schedule. Use the course discussion forum to answer questions – or contact us. 

Our master-class courses guide you through this same process, but with scheduled webinars and personal guidance. You can also gain Certification by submitting assessed work.

Teachers … you can adopt the course materials to deliver yourself. Being student-led, the learning-per-contact-hour is very high, and much more engaging than other types of learning. Contact us for more information.

“Can I do this?” … YES, you can!

If you can build spreadsheets, you can build dynamic business models

You simply start from the performance outcomes you want to improve and keep asking “What causes this?” The answer sometimes includes items you already found, so you end up capturing the real world system that drives those outcomes. 

It is easier, faster and more reliable to build dynamic business models.

But although the principles are simple enough, you cannot build dynamic business models with spreadsheets! They just cannot handle the many interdependencies, the feedback and the threshold effects that pervade real-world situations. And the Sheetless software enables anyone to build models that match the system’s structure and mimic its behaviour with uncanny realism.


Business Modeling courses