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What is Street Epistemology?While definitions vary, it’s generally accepted that Street Epistemology is a conversational tool that helps people reflect on the quality of their reasons and the reliability of their methods used to derive one’s confidence level in their deeply-held beliefs.Why use Street Epistemology?Although practitioners’ objecives will differ, Street Epistemology is generally used to understand a claim, identify the actual reasons and reliability of the method supporting the claim, and see if one’s confidence in their claim is justified.Where to use Street Epistemology?While every venue has pros and cons, Street Epistemology can be practiced virtually anywhere, including face-to-face, video chat, audio chat, text chat, and social media, just to name a few.When to use Street Epistemology?If you have willing participants and applied good judgment of the situation, it’s probably a great time to use Street Epistemology on someone’s claim with them.Who is Street Epistemology for?While this method originated in the atheist community, we think everyone should learn Street Epistemology, regardless of where someone happens to stand on any claim.How to use Street Epistemology?This website is your entry point to all of the resources and communities currently available to help you learn, practice, conduct, and improve Street Epistemology, and we’re very happy to have you here. Video of the Month

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Street Epistemology |


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