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CSSS Lectures

CSSS 2019 — Cultural Evolution

Our 2019 lectures went from the biological priors of the visual system to meta-cultural knowledge production. A few sources that will enable you to follow up, or go more deeply, into the ideas in play:

1. Three books on cultural evolution: Cognitive Gadgets, by Celia Heyes / Existence, by David Brin / A Culture of Growth, by Joel Mokyr

2. Short introductions to the basic concepts: Information theory for intelligent people / Bayesian reasoning for intelligent people

3. Empirical research into the social and cognitive roles of novelty and transience: Exploration and exploitation of Victorian science in Darwin’s reading notebooks / Individuals, institutions, and innovation in the debates of the French Revolution / Sameness attracts, novelty disturbs, and outliers flourish in fan fiction online.

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CSSS Lectures