Spring Courses in Collaborative Systems Change from CoCreative

Commercial courses, but CoCreative are great on leading systems change collaborations. 

Overview and links (in the words of CoCreative’s Russ Gaskin):

Introduction to Collaborative Innovation February, 2021

This course is designed for changemakers, leaders, facilitators, collective impact backbone staff, and consultants who are working on systemic challenges that can only be addressed using a collaborative approach. Build your capacity to lead multi-stakeholder collaboration to help groups Connect, Align, Learn, and Make what they need to effect systemic change. One recent participant noted: “It was so joyful to connect with people from around the world, tackling similar challenges. I loved the practical approaches to working through complex issues with diverse groups!”

Facilitating Collaborative Innovation March, 2021

This is our highly experiential workshop covering an integrative and powerful approach to leading collaboration. This course focuses on the nuts-and-bolts planning, facilitation, and leadership practices to help diverse groups move from goal setting to advancing real work together, building engagement and momentum over time. One recent participant noted: “The meeting cycle and the detailed practices for each part of collaboration are super useful.”

Championing Systems Change April, 2021

Specially designed for funders and sponsors of systems change, this course will support you in developing your unique role as a champion of systems change initiatives. It focuses on the unique pressures that funders of systems change work have to their internal stakeholders and to the change system they are helping to catalyze and support. One recent participant noted: “This was a game-changer in that it provided an overall structure as well as the details. So, so, so helpful!”

We’re also hosting a 3-hour workshop, Leveraging Creative Tensions, at times friendly to a range of time zones. In this highly-interactive workshop, you’ll experience and learn methods for seeing, mapping, and leveraging the fundamental interdependencies among stakeholders’ values in order to convert conflict and polarization into authentic alignment and productive collaboration. For more information: