Collection of systems/complexity links regarding ‘evaluation’

Inspired by a question in the Ecology of Systems Thinking facebook group from Helena Luisa Pms –

And a response from Marc Rettig (his link at bottom), here are my recommended links for ‘evaluation’:

And there’s a lot here, much of which leads to blogs and/or people with an ongoing consistent interest in evaluation (from ‘complexity’ – CECAN and Human. Learning. Systems., to international ‘development’, to ‘systems change’ – Tamarack Institute, SSIR etc) – I would say it’s worth opening each of these for a quick scan:

Notes on Principles-Focused / Developmental Evaluation What is it like to bring rigor to evaluation when working in complexity and uncertainty, with emergent approaches? Marc Rettig Following Oct 24, 2017 · 13 min read This is a place for me to gather and organize notes, which I’m making public in case it helps someone else. These notes (which will keep changing over coming months) are an input to a further process of synthesis.

Notes on Principles-Focused / Developmental Evaluation | by Marc Rettig | Rettig’s Notes | Medium