Roger James: A Little Less on Systems, A Little More on Thinking!

A Meeting of Minds

I started practicing Systems Thinking with my first job improving pet food, designing low-energy houses and managing nuclear waste. Then, not yet a lifetime ago, it was a specialised scientific topic primarily optimisation and decision making.

Today, engaged with the Meeting of Minds, teaching and consulting the challenge remains but the conceptual basis of Systems thinking has expanded dramatically. My ‘first job’ enthusiasm for problem solving remains but, today, the ideas and approaches are more diverse, more challenging.

Keeping up is a professional responsibility and intellectual challenge. The size of this task can be seen from a naïve search for “Systems Thinking” in the title identifies ‘over 10000’ books on Amazon whilst Worldcat identifies 879 new articles and 316 new books in 2018 alone. Around 15,000 pages of articles and 100,000 book pages to read year on year!

Enter Meeting Of Minds!

We probably all have known times in our…

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