Metaphorum webinar series fornightly in the first half of 2021 – and appeal for future webinars

Weednesdays 5-6:30pm uk time, fortnightly from February 24th-May 26th

Following the first webinar in 2021 from Prof. Mike Jackson, we are pleased to announce the next webinar series which will run until the end of May. You can find the recordings of previous webinars on our webpage.

The program for the next three months is detailed below. See more details of each webinar on the link above.

We will be using the recurrent Zoom link for this webinar series:

Metaphorum Webinar Series
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Meeting ID: 819 4398 1395
Passcode: 758276

For anyone interested in offering a webinar for the next series (Jun 2021 to Dec 2021), please contact us at, sending us the following information:

  • name, title, description of the webinar, brief cvs with your picture
  • dates on which you are NOT available (we run the webinar series on Wednesdays  5:00-6:30 pm UK)

We will review the proposals and will  accept the most innovative and high- quality proposals (hopefully on new topics not presented before in other Metaphorum events). We shall let you know shortly after receipt of your proposal if it has been accepted and discuss your availability.

Best regards,

Angela, Allenna and Jon


February the 24thProf. Raul Espejo“The Enterprise Complexity Model: An Extension of the
Viable System Model for Emerging Organisational Forms”
March the 3rdDr. Martin Pfiffner
The third dimension of organizing
March 17thDr Igor Perko
Invoking AI technology in organisations – a systemic examination
March 31st,Dr. Raghav Rajagopalan
Meta Rational Ways of Knowing
April the 14thDr Angela Espinosa
Sustainable Self Governance:
Early alarms from the COVID19 Pandemic
April 28thDr. Alfredo del ValleThe Participatory Workspace (PWS):
 An online, complexity management and communications tool
May the 12thDr Allenna Leonard
A VSM reflection on US politics and democracy
May 26thDr. Bernhard Sterchi
Alignment and autonomy on the last mile of execution – in defense of the wriggly lines