Evaluation – Special Issue: Policy Evaluation for a Complex World – Volume 27, Number 1, Jan 01, 2021 (all open source)


Evaluation – Volume 27, Number 1, Jan 01, 2021


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Special Issue: Policy Evaluation for a Complex World

Previous IssueVolume 27 Issue 1, January 2021Guest Editor: Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Brian Castellani, Dione Hills, Alexandra Penn and Nigel Gilbert

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Editor’s Note

Free AccessEditor’s NoteElliot SternFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 3–3Abstract 


Free AccessPolicy evaluation for a complex world: Practical methods and reflections from the UK Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity across the NexusPete Barbrook-JohnsonBrian CastellaniDione HillsAlexandra PennNigel GilbertFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 4–17AbstractPreview 


Open AccessDon’t panic: Bringing complexity thinking to UK Government evaluation guidanceMartha BicketDione HillsHelen WilkinsonAlexandra PennFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 18–31AbstractPreview 
Open AccessHow does the commissioning process hinder the uptake of complexity-appropriate evaluation?Jayne CoxPete Barbrook-JohnsonFirst Published November 27, 2020; pp. 32–56AbstractPreview 
Open AccessParticipatory systems mapping for complex energy policy evaluationPete Barbrook-JohnsonAlexandra PennFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 57–79AbstractPreview 
Open AccessBuilding a system-based Theory of Change using Participatory Systems MappingHelen WilkinsonDione HillsAlexandra PennPete Barbrook-JohnsonFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 80–101AbstractPreview 
Open AccessDiagnostic evaluation with simulated probabilitiesBarbara BefaniCorinna ElsenbroichJen BadhamFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 102–115AbstractPreview 
No AccessCased-based modelling and scenario simulation for ex-post evaluationCorey SchimpfPete Barbrook-JohnsonBrian CastellaniFirst Published January 14, 2021; pp. 116–137AbstractPreview 


Evaluation – Volume 27, Number 1, Jan 01, 2021