CoCreative and the Academy for Systems Change – SPECIAL SESSION: Systems Change and Deep Equity – March 3, 2021 2-3:30pm EST

Systems Change pursued without Deep Equity is, in our experience, dangerous and can cause harm, and in fact leaves some of the critical elements of systems unchanged.  And “equity” pursued without “Systems Change” is not “deep” nor comprehensive at the level of effectiveness currently needed. Both need each other.– Sheryl Petty and Mark LeachDear friends,We are honored to co-host, in partnership with the Academy for Systems Change, a no-cost webinar exploring the monograph Systems Change & Deep Equity: Pathways Toward Sustainable Impact, Beyond “Eureka!,” Unawareness, and Unwitting Harm.” 

The 90-minute session will take place on March 3, 2021 at 11:00 am Pacific/2:00 pm Eastern time.Sheryl Petty, founder & principal of Movement Tapestries, will join us to share highlights from and engage in dialogue about the monograph released last year with Change Elemental.  So many in the U.S. and globally are deepening our reflection or beginning to wake up to long-time unawareness of inequity in our societies and world. This conversation can support that reflection and emergent awakening, galvanizing those in the systems change field further into our practice and commitment to be powerful and humble, collaborative agents of change.

We invite you to download and engage with the monograph and join us on March 3.

In service,

Marta Ceroni, Academy for Systems Change
Russ Gaskin, CoCreative

 PLEASE NOTEThis session is geared toward those who have read the monograph and/or undertaken some authentic work around equity. Be ready to be lovingly called to action and challenged. Download your copy today.Join the Guestlist