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About – The Kihbernetics Institute

A New Kind of Cybernetics

I became interest in Cybernetics in the mid 70’s when our Automation class teacher introduced us to A.Y. Lerner’s book “Fundamentals of Cybernetics”. What fascinated me most in this book was the description of “Analogous systems” in chapter 3.4 and the realization that very different structural patterns (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical) have similar behaviour and can be described with identical mathematical patterns:

I’m still enjoying skimming through this easy to read book and finding out how, even after half a century, most of it still holds true, some things have changed with technology advancements, and many of the questions still remain unanswered.

However, there was one thing in this book (and Cybernetics as a whole) I was never comfortable with: the distinction between the Control and Controlled (sub)systems.

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About – The Kihbernetics Institute