Process-Function Ecology, Wicked Problems, Ecological Evolution | Vasishth | Spanda J | 2015

In brief. David Ing.

With “systemic change” a potential buzzword, determining the validity of research may lead to scholarly authentication through retracing references. Ashwani Vasishth , from Ramapo College of New Jersey, published an article, writing:

These three memes – process-function ecology, “wicked problems” and ecological evolution – may together give us some interesting ways to begin to talk about systemic change in ways that lead to novel insights. When systems are viewed as nested, scale-hierarchic structures, and when they are conceived as constituted by processes and functions, and when we view change processes themselves as being driven by a sophisticated understanding of evolutionary dynamics, then we may come to a place where systemic change can be viewed as more closely approximating actual, pluralistic reality, rather than as the simplifications of reality that emerge from the more mechanical metaphors from classical physics.

Vasishth (2015), p. 111

The 2015 article resonates with me…

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