From Spuddling to stronger decision-making – better ways for Boards to understand and manage variation in results: Mar 25 OR Apr 11, 14:30 UK time

From Spuddling to stronger decision-making

Across the UK there is a great appreciation for the National Health Service, particularly since its 70th anniversary and the Covid epidemic – yet few of us would claim that the system runs on perfect choices.

Boards need reliable information and clear prompts, upon which to make better decisions. Yet within the service (and in business) the prevalent approaches to looking at performance data are two-point comparisons and traffic light ‘red, amber, green’ reports. We recognise these are difficult to read, and tough going when trying to spot meaningful trends, let alone make predictions.

In this workshop Samantha Riley of NHS Improvement will explore better ways for Boards to understand and manage the variation in results, and provide a sound basis for assurance.

This movement has proven to be very successful in strengthening decision-making or ‘governance’. Sam’s small team have convinced half of the NHS’s 217 Trust Boards to adopt this approach, and are working on the remainder.

With a similar change overdue in industry, education and government, the field of application is vast. Attention will be placed on how executive members are encouraged to adopt a different approach – without their needing to perform detailed data preparation, which others do on their behalf.

This free session will be especially valuable to senior managers who make reports to boards; executive board members, and performance analysts. Anyone with an interest in pragmatic and more effective management, in any sector will also gain useful insights.

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