Professional Certification in Organizational Learning, Systems Thinking & OLSET – OLSET, from 6 June 16:00GMT £250


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Professional Certification in Organizational Learning, Systems Thinking & OLSET

Date: Six sequential Sundays starting from Sunday 6th of June at 16.00 GMT
Location: online

Are you a leader, a management consultant or a facilitator?
Do you want to certify your knowledge of Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking?

• Learn and get certified by two of the field’s most renowned experts: Guus Geisen and Anthi Theiopoulou!
Do you want to be able to apply management’s newest approach to your projects with the help of the OLSET technology?

• Scale up your participative projects with Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking – management’s newest approach! The OLSET Platform allows you to scale up your Organisational Development, Change, Lean, Kaizen, BPR, Knowledge management, Canban or Sustainability projects. Now you can be in many places at the same time using a software to scale up your project no matter the size you are dealing with! Learn how to facilitate others to use our digital decision making tools to thrive in any future.

Do you want to add more cutting edge services to your portfolio?

• Start auditing and certifying learning organisations!
• Start facilitating OLSET development projects for organisations!
• Get the single-user version free for all forever!

If you answered YES in any of these question, then this online intensive seminar and certification is for you!

Even if there are various workshops on this same topic, it is the first time that such in-depth knowhow as well as that certification is provided publicly. The principles and mechanics of creation (or vision creation) are so concisely, vigorously and yet simply presented, that will enable you to re-engineer and strategise your organisation exactly as you want it – no matter its scale! It is also an opportunity to increase the value of all your services with our high profile and quality certification.THE OLSET 

  • … system synthesises relevant scientific research and empirical observation by world known Organizational Learning (OL) experts.
  • … approach enables management and leadership consultants to enhance their participative leadership practice and to do so at a scale not achievable before.
  • … software is the only operational OL platform in the world that is currently available.
  • certification is the only one offered for OL and ST worldwide and will significantly increase the value of your services 
  • ….technology operationalises management’s newest approach
  • ….services will be added to your portfolio (audits and development projects)
  • .tools allow directors to manage their agile teams in less time than ever before, while overseeing the big picture and bringing the details into focus

This is an opportunity to become pioneers in the field as it is the first time that standardised, replicable and scalable services related to OL and ST are offered such as auditing and strategic transformation. Quarterly meetings for sustenance and upgrades will be also offered for Certified practitioners.

OLSET Consultants’ Certification Workshop Design

Day 1 (3h): Critical OL and ST theory
Measurement of OL Capacity
Step 0

Day 2 (3h): Systemic Structure Map (Step 1)

Day 3 (3h): Systemic Action Map (Step 2)
AAR (Step 3 and OMS)

Day 4 (2h): participants’ case studies
Day 5 (2h): participants’ case studies
Day 6 (2h): participants’ case studies

Trainers: Guus Geisen, Anthi Theiopoulou, Odysseas Velentzas
Fees: 250 GBP,

• 10 % discount for each additional registration received from the same organisation,
• 10% discount to early bird registration (until 30 April), and
• 10% discount to members of the SoL, AoH, WC, OST, AI networks.

To register contact us .We look forward to meeting you!