Professor Michael Jackon lecture at Cranfield University – Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity, 22 March 2021; 15:00 GMT

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Cranfield Webinar Series on Complexity and Strategy

Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity

Speaker: Professor Michael C. Jackson, University of Hull & Systems Research Ltd.

Description: This talk discusses the nature of complexity, the development of systems thinking, the emergence of critical systems thinking, and how to conduct interventions on the basis of critical systems practice. The world has become increasingly networked and unpredictable. Leaders of international bodies such as the UN, OECD, UNESCO and WHO, and of major business, public sector, charitable, and professional organizations, have all declared systems thinking an essential leadership skill for managing the complexity of the interrelated economic, social, and environmental issues they face. Systems thinkers have developed different methodologies attuned to different aspects of complexity; examples being systems engineering, system dynamics, organizational cybernetics, and soft systems thinking. Critical systems thinking helps us to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of these systems approaches in dealing with different aspects of complexity. It recommends using systems methodologies, models, and methods in informed combinations when confronted by complexity. Critical systems practice sets out how such multi-methodological interventions can be undertaken and evaluated.

Date and time: Monday, 22 March 2021; 8 am (U.S. Pacific) / 11 am (U.S. Eastern) / 3pm (London) / 8.30 pm (New Delhi)

Duration: 1 h 30 min (including Q&A).

Moderators: Professor Andrey Pavlov & Dr Ibrat Djabbarov, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK

About the speaker
Michael C. Jackson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Hull and MD of Systems Research Ltd. Mike is known as a key figure in the development of ‘critical systems thinking’ – a topic on which he has published ten books and over 150 articles. His latest book Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity was published in 2019.Time

Mar 22, 2021 03:00 PM in London


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