Systems Innovation London Hub Launch Event | Si Network – 10 May 5-6pm UK time

This will be a ‘mosaic event’ with a number of short inputs about different people and organisations working in this space in the UK/London as the Systems Innovation London Hub launches. I’m hoping to be on of the inputs. Coincidentally it’s the same night at I’m hosting SCiO’s Later At the Bar – informal, open space systmes networking 7-9pm

Book (signing up for the Systems Innovation Mighty Networks site – no fee – required):

Si London Hub Launch Event | Si Network

Mon, May 10 5:00pm – 6:00pm UK time

This will be the launch event for Systems Innovation Hub London. Si London will be a unique platform for all those who wish to learn more about systems change ideas and methods and how to apply them – this event will be our launch event. During the event, we want to let you know about who we are, why we are and our plans going forwards, and how we may co-create this hub with partners and members.

We wish to take this opportunity to get introduced, for you to learn about the hub team and for us to learn about you – what is of relevance to you as we work to develop the London hub over the coming months and years. We will take the opportunity to give a short intro to what systems innovation is and why it is of such relevance to the complex challenges of today, globally, but also locally in London and the greater UK.

During the event you will get the opportunity to hear from a number of different organizations in London applying systems thinking ideas and why they think it is of importance in their area; be it public sector, finance, sustainability, or for the social sectors. We look forward to seeing you there and will use the London hub page to keep you posted running up to the event.

This will be a fully online event. Date: May 10th, 5:00pm – 6:00pm UK


Si London Hub Launch Event | Si Network