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Some really interesting references in here, particularly ‘interactions of actors theory’

Gordon Pask – Wikipedia

Gordon Pask

Andrew Gordon Speedie Pask (28 June 1928 – 29 March 1996) was an English authorinventor, educational theorist, cybernetician and psychologist who made significant contributions to cyberneticsinstructional psychology, experimental epistemology and educational technology. Pask first learned about cybernetics in the early 1950s when the originator of the subject, Norbert Wiener, spoke at Cambridge University, where Pask was an undergraduate student. Pask was asked to be of assistance during Wiener’s talk.[1]

Holding three doctorate degrees, Pask published more than 250 journal articles, books, patents and technical reports from funding from United States Armed Forces, the British Ministry of Defence, the British Home Office and the British Road Research Laboratory.[2] He taught at the University of IllinoisOld Dominion UniversityConcordia UniversityOpen UniversityUniversity of New MexicoArchitectural Association School of Architecture and MIT.[3]



Gordon Pask – Wikipedia