Announcement- the Mike C Jackons on June 2 will be given by Carlos Rovelli

Announcement from Gerald Midgley, Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull (as posted by Mike on facebook)


You may know that we have an annual ‘Mike C Jackson Lecture’, thanks to an alumnus donation. Our speaker this year (June 2nd) will be Carlo Rovelli, who is a quantum physicist. His most recent book, Helgoland, starts the job of connecting the fundamentals of systems science with quantum mechanics. He goes back to the work of Bogdanov at the time of the Russian revolution, and explains how Bogdanov proposed a universal theory of organization that can be used to understand the fundamentally relational nature of quantum phenomena. This is very significant for systems science and systems thinking, as it promises to put the ‘science of organizing’ back at the centre stage of mainstream disciplinary science. Finally, let me thank Orsan Senalp. It was through him that this lecture became possible. Indeed, Orsan will be organizing a mini-symposium after the main lecture, not least because Carlo Rovelli is very keen to engage with post-Bogdanov systems scientists and systems thinkers. More information (including dates for both the Lecture and mini-symposium) will follow soon.