Systems approach and cybernetics; engaging in the future of mankind | WOSC 2021, planned for the 27-30 September 2021, in Moscow, Russia, On-line

Systems approach and cybernetics; engaging in the future of mankind.

The significance of systems and cybernetics in the future of societies.
Invitation for active participation

Increasingly, people and institutions are recognizing the systemic nature of our
world and the relevance of systemic thinking as a foundation to deal with the
complexity of technological, social, environmental and economic issues.
With the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the World
Organization of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) is organising its 18 th
Congress- WOSC 2021, planned for the 27 th to the 30 th of September 2021, in
Moscow, Russia, On-line.
In this Congress, we are particularly addressing young and creative researchers
who are willing to develop and share cyber-systemic perspectives on how to
understand and manage the future of mankind.
The Congress mission driven by requisite variety (Ashby) and the notion that
transdisciplinary research can only be achieved supporting researchers from all
disciplines to integrate their work in an enabling environment.
For this purpose, WOSC 2021 is focusing on the following four themes:

  1. Philosophical and methodological foundations for the development
    of the systems approach and cybernetics
  2. Interactions in society:
    the cybernetics of society, ecology and governance
  3. On digital technologies and human interactions:
    the co-development of a hybrid reality
  4. Transdisciplinarity of systems sciences and cybernetics:
    developing areas of knowledge

WOSC 2021 Congress site 27-29. Sept 2021 in Moscow, Russia WOSC, RAS
In WOSC 2021, we will use a 3 step publishing process will be used, enabling
you to share and discuss your research with peers, aiming to improve it.
Step 1: Submission intention
Please express an intention to submit an abstract before the 1.5.2021 by
creating a WOSC 2021 account.
Step 2. Abstract submission
Researchers, managers, policy-makers, professionals and students across the
globe are invited to submit structured abstracts of about 500 to 800 words
(see abstract/paper template), addressing the Congress themes by the 10. 6.

  1. Authors should receive a response within 14 days of submission (and no
    later than the 30. 6. 2021). All accepted abstracts will be published in the
    Congress book of abstracts.
    Step 3. Full congress paper submission
    Registered authors with an accepted abstract may submit a full congress paper
    by 31. 8. 2021. Full congress papers should not exceed 3500 words (see
    abstract/paper template). In step 2 peers may suggest to authors ideas about
    how to deal with the proposed research issues, before their acceptance for
    presentation to the Congress.
    At the congress, authors will present their contributions.
    There will be a best paper award at the Congress, which will include
    acknowledgments of contributions to final paper’s preparation.
    Basic submission rules
  2. Authors should make sure that the language of their papers meets
    the required standards.
  3. Authors can submit one paper per registration. For submission of a
    second paper, discounted registration rates apply.
  4. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscripts are
    ethically sound and meet the recognised standards, according to the
    author publishing ethics guide.
    For the submission please use the abstract/paper template with detailed
    author guidelines.
    You may start the submission process by creating a WOSC 2021 account.

WOSC 2021 Congress site 27-29. Sept 2021 in Moscow, Russia WOSC, RAS
Information for Authors who submitted to WOSC 2020:
COVID-19 made it impossible to run WOSC 2020 last year, however this year
we are running on line the WOSC 2021 event. We apologise to authors who
made a submission to WOSC 2020 because we will not be running it as
originally planned. Regretfully, global and local situations have altered
significantly the circumstances of our research focus and we are running WOSC
2021 with different themes and sessions, something that has significantly
affected the Congress´s focus and structure. These changes are providing us
the opportunity to discuss fresh research results and generate new ideas.
Accordingly, we invite you to send to WOSC 2021 a submission with your more
recent research progress. In any case, should you want to receive back your
originally submission, please, write to
Accepted abstracts will be published in the electronic WOSC2021 Congress
book of abstracts. A selection of congress full papers will be published in a
Springer Nature book. Additionally WOSC congresses are well recognised by
the publishers and, accepted and delivered papers to the Congress, will have
the option to be submitted either as short papers or as fully developed papers
for special issues of a scientific journals. Several international and national,
regular or strictly open access scientific journals, indexed in Thomson JCR,
Scopus RISC, VAK and others are interested in publishing these papers. More
about these possible publications will be discussed on the WOSC2021 web site.
Submissions to journals follow their individual editorial policies. Special issues
of selected journals and papers are expected to be published during 2022.

WOSC 2021 Congress site 27-29. Sept 2021 in Moscow, Russia WOSC, RAS
Participants’ registration to WOSC 2021 will be initiated by their abstract
submission to the website and selection of sections of their choice. This will be
followed by the preparation of papers and discussions during WOSC 2021
Participant early bird regular
Regular 125,00 € 150,00 €
discounted 50,00 € 80,00 €
If you would like to receive a pro forma invoice or would like to apply for a
discounted registration fee, please create your account at the WOSC 2021
Congress site and write to,
We shall provide a response with registration details as authors submit their
abstracts by the 10.6.2021. Participants will automatically receive regular
payment details and an invoice after the acceptance of their abstracts.

Due to Covid-19 related circumstances WOSC 2021 Congress will take place
10 June 2021: Abstract Submission deadline
30 June 2021: Notification of acceptance
31 August 2021: Congress full papers submission deadline and

Early bird registration deadline

15 September 2021: Congress full papers review deadline
27 September 2021: Revised congress full papers submission deadline and

Registration deadline for authors

27-30 September 2021: WOSC 2021 Congress
You may find additional information at WOSC 2021 Congress site
Get in contact at
your WOSC 2021 team