Your System Made Perfect

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Picture it. The health and care system in your place working perfectly. Can’t quite imagine that? Is the image a bit blurred, lacking in detail, hard to define? For some, it’s crystal clear, but not for everyone.

The lack of a clear shared vision of success for systems working in health and social care means the steps to achieving the vision may be equally unclear, or contested.

As a great philosopher once said “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which path you take”*.

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*it was the Cheshire Cat

A recent Twitter debate elicited a variety of views on ‘what good looks like’ in health and care systems. All similar, none exactly the same.

In the systems development work I do, a great deal of time and effort is spent with teams, crafting and refining a vision that belongs to the people round the table. A…

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