Owtcome – Senseframing Model – Daiana Zavate

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How to weave systems out of our stories? And what is our default learning mode?

The honest answer is: I don’t know. But that is a good starting point.

In the pursuit to grow our understanding of the world and its relationship to us, it might be worth looking at how we make our message coherent.
The concept of Frame has become popular and easy to appeal to because it gives us space to connect context, people and minds. It helps us share entire systems, rather than just isolated bits of knowledge.
Sense-Framing is a model that can act as an inclusive and transformative network of processing intelligible content.

The ‘Senses’ are the nodes that connect the network and help information circulate.

The Insights/Breakthroughs are the Knots of the network where change and transformation can happen. 

Learning to learn has been a personal struggle of mine. Instead of complaining about the system, I set on a journey to discover how do I learn and how can I share it with others. I think Sense-Framing is an important milestone in this journey.

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