Jay W. Forrester System Dynamics Courses – System Dynamics Society

Learn System Dynamics Concepts from Jay W. Forrester. The founder of the field.The Jay Forrester Seminar Series has been revamped and improved, and is now available as a more accessible, on-demand, online course! The original consists of seminar series conducted by Professor Jay Forrester in the fall of 1999 for his Ph.D. students in System Dynamics at MIT Sloan School of Management.Decades later, the System Dynamics Society has transformed the series into a course, making it more structured and more suitable for evaluation-based learning. This course will be self-led and self-paced without guidance from an instructor.  Enjoy this course as you learn from the founder of the field, Jay Forrester, and some of the brightest minds in the field!

Jay W. Forrester System Dynamics Courses – System Dynamics Society