‘The interplay of Peace with Systems Thinking’ – ANZSYS Conversations, with Namrata Arora, 7pm AEST, 21 April 2022

Launch Meeting

Launch Meeting – Zoom

ANZSYS Conversations


We are thrilled to invite you to the launch of CANZSys (Circles @ ANZSys) facilitated by Namrata (Nnaumrata) Arora, who has been convening circles in various settings including the Circle of women in Systems Thinking @ ISSS (CWiST).

Building on various definitions and constructs of convening, Namrata defines a circle as:

‘A regenerative social field where people gather at a chosen recurrence for a common purpose. Members work in unison as a dynamic system, shaping and giving meaning to their collective experience’. 

Join us at 7pm AEST on 21-April to experience this unique gathering on the theme: ‘The interplay of Peace with Systems Thinking‘.


Namrata Arora

Namrata is a Systems Thinking Researcher, Circle Convenor, Social Artist, Conscious Living Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Writer, Changemaker, Founder of Life Beyond Motherhood (now Enactive Systems) and Zemyna Foundation and a Director and Board Member for SCIO (Systems and Complexity in Organisations, India),

Namrata brings with her 22 years of work experience including a corporate career in organisational learning and development. Currently she is undertaking a PhD at the University of Hull, UK.

Namrata has been convening circles for over four years including a Circle for Women in Systems Thinking at the International Society for Systems Science.

The zoom url for this event is https://zoom.uts.edu.au/j/3282155789

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