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Posted by Lanfranco Aceti (LEA Editor in Chief) on April 14, 2018

Cybernetics Revisited

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 22 Issue 2

Description: This volume is a hybrid collection of essays which explore current critical discourses on possible future developments in cybernetics. It investigates marginal and interstitial areas of cybernetics—conceived as a cybernetics of the third order—theorizing alternative possibilities, opportunities, and threats. Cybernetics become not solely a panacea to all the evils of humanity but also the unpredictable opportunity for new life forms that can be alternatives to current ecologies and hierarchies or that can reveal existing and unexpressed ontological possibilities inherent to nature itself.

Cybernetics Revisited – Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Technoetic Arts|| A Journal of Speculative Research

Technoetic Arts focuses upon the juncture between art, technology and the mind, drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches. Technoetic Arts is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the juncture of art practice, technology and the human mind, opening up a forum for trans-disciplinary speculative research. This website serves the Editorial Organism of Technoetic Arts. We keep here notes, drafts, and other internal documents. At times, we initiate projects, such as A Cybernetic Picnic, and keep related information here. Recent calls can also be found here. If you have an idea for an article but are unsure whether the topic is within the realm of what we would consider, you are welcome to use the comments below the call to ask questions. You can also write us an email at editors[.at.] further information about the journal and author instructions, please visit the journal’s website at intellect.

Technoetic Arts

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