SCiO Ireland: Inaugural Meeting | SCiO Wed 12 October 2022 20:00–21:30 GMT+1


SCiO Ireland: Inaugural Meeting | SCiO

A new SCiO Ireland group is holding an inaugural meeting, so if you live on the island of Ireland, please register and come and join in. Some groups post events quite late, so it is always worth checking the website – also for changes to dates and times. Please click here to see all the events in a browser.

SCiO Ireland: Inaugural Meeting

Wed 12 October 2022 20:00–21:30 GMT+1

The development of an Irish branch marks a significant partnership with SCiO. We are delighted to bring together practitioners from across the island of Ireland to create a network and a common resource to develop our systems practice. SCiO Ireland offers an opportunity for everyone with an interest and commitment to working systemically with organisational and social issues in an uncertain and complex environment to learn alongside our international colleagues. By doing so, we aim to amplify the positive impact that a systems approach can have on Irish society, institutions and organisations.

We plan to come together in a supportive community and develop our systems practice through mutual learning and networking events at regular intervals throughout the year. Practitioners are welcome from all sectors including organisational development, policy, research and industry.

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