Systems Thinking Ontario – 2022-10-17 – Reifying Systems Thinking towards Changes

October 17 (the third Monday of the month, dodging Thanksgiving) is the 104th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration is at .

Reifying Systems Thinking towards Changes

In 2012, at the 56th Annual Meeting of the International Society of the Systems Sciences, an aspiration of “Rethinking Systems Thinking” was proposed. In 2019, the rise in interest in “systems change” led to the formation of the Systems Changes Learning Circle, centered in Toronto, Canada. Now 4 years into a 10-year journey, research publications and presentations are being released.

In 2022, the Systems Changes Learning approach features three concepts: (i) rhythmic shifts; (ii) texture (leading to contexture); and (iii) propensity. Practices developed are depicted as hub of “knowing from within” appreciated through a cycle of learning along four spoke. Theory-building through multiparadigm inquiry includes philosophies of science underlying Classical Chinese Medicine and ecological anthropology.

This presentation was originally created for an in-person meeting at the Universitat de Barcelona Business School Graduate Programme in Business on October 10, 2022. The slides have been published, and will be reused for an online presentation at Systems Thinking Ontario on October 17, and recorded.


  • The link for a Zoom conference will be sent upon preregistration.
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