Recursive and teleological rationality involved in the modeling process of self – organizing socio-economic systems – Le Moigne

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Le Moigne, a close friend and colleague of Edgar Morin argued that cybernetics, systems, tektology, and complexity are found integral in Morin’s framework. For Le Moigne, Morin’s Method Vol. 1 presents a synthesis of these four paradigms: “From “Cybernetic Modelling” to “Systemic modelling,” the Paradigm of OrganisaCtion initially formulated by the Russian economist A. Bogdanov and rather completely synthesized today by Edgar Morin in the first four volumes of “la Méthode,” gives us a general framework (or “Method”) which present the basic inquiring principles guiding the intelligible modelling of complex systems, and particularly of evolving socioeconomics organizations” (Le Moigne, p. 3 –

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