Réseau Intelligence de la Complexité | Faire pour comprendre, comprendre pour faire – Complexity resources in French, including the work of Jean-Louis Le Moigne, who died on November 16, 2022

Jean-Louis Le Moigne died on November 16.Sometimes words are inadequate to express the magnitude of our emotions. If, as Paul Valéry puts it, ”  Death speaks to us in a deep voice without saying anything  “, we still have, for those who had the good fortune to work with him, the memory of intense reflections, and for all numerous writings of Jean-Louis. Much more than writings, it is a work, if we take the time to reread, to reconnect the multiple threads and inspirations that have woven it “  on the way  ”. We will soon take the time for this tribute.March which saw him born, month of the beginning of spring and the prospect of harvests in the near summer, is the marker of Jean-Louis’ work. It announces the renewal, always identical to the cycles of previous seasons, but paradoxically always new and singular. Irreducible duality of the work of Jean-Louis and his friend Edgar Morin: ”  from Aristotle to HA Simon via R. Descartes and GB Vico  “, rooting oneself deeply in the soil of human thought to argue that this who organizes us is only a shadow of the possible. One option among a thousand others in the hope of a broader and necessary emancipation of the human.“  Make room for doubt?  Avoiding judging things too quickly and definitively, Jean-Louis’ work encourages us to begin by understanding what it means to “grasp reality” in its contradictions. But much more than that and beyond, to question ourselves deeply about the tools and categorizations that allow us to talk about this famous and elusive “real” always in the making but also, always marked by the path travelled.Among those who claim to belong to “the” complex thought, the original furrow that Jean-Louis has traced from the beginning is to consider it not as a tool that immediately resolves perceived problems, but as the way in which we commit ourselves humanly and if possible collectively in the intelligibility of these so-called complex systems: “  Our questions do not relate to the phenomena themselves, but to the multiple representations (designed models) that the actors concerned construct.  »The month of March also heralds the prospect of sharing the harvest, that is to say the nuggets of wisdom accumulated and deepened by Jean-Louis throughout his life. Jean-Louis has continuously sought to promote a space of epistemological expressions, that is to say of discussion of the processes of thought and modeling that we use to understand the realities that we consider complex. The “Modelisation de la CompleXité” association (AE-MCX) and its dedicated site – armed wing of Jean-Louis – succeeded in uniting all interested players, bringing together researchers and “reflective practitioners” without exception. Spanish hotel ? Alchemy of exchanges? Ecosystem of performative ideas? This possibility of expressing our diversities, understand to act ⇔ act to understand  ”.Everyone, aware of their intentions and possibilities, is part of this ongoing debate, where they feel the most comfortable, the most useful. Very unconventional! Speech certainly moderate and balanced – refusing to oppose the slogans to the slogans – but a force of persuasion which involved us in the adventure “Modelling of the CompleXity”.Come on, twilight is here: “  The wind is rising!… We must try to live!  (Paul Valéry) and we must try to continue the work of Jean-Louis. Tributes to Jean-Louis Le Moigne@edgarmorinparis 18hJean-Louis Le Moigne this great spirit, this good and generous man has just disappeared; he was the most lucid and creative master of systems thinking in its complexity. His work and his collaboration were of paramount importance to me. He was my brother and companion

Réseau Intelligence de la Complexité | Faire pour comprendre, comprendre pour faire