RIP Loet Leydersdorff

Unwelcome news via Mark Johnson passed to the CYBCOM mailing list:

I am deeply sorry to write to inform you that Prof. Loet Leydesdorff died on Saturday morning. I’m sure many within the cybernetics community will share a deep sense of loss. .

Others will have better-informed tributes than I – and they are very welcome to post them here, and if I find them, I will share. But his work on knowledge-based economies, innovation, and growth (triple- and n-helix models) was globally recognised, and his work on Luhrmann, constructivism, redundancy and information theory, and application of the latter to music was truly interesting. A true multi-skilled, insight-generating cybernetician.
Here’s a brief introduction – by him – to his 2020 book

Other canonical links (starting with his website):

There are also interesting posts and already one tribute post on his facebook page:

Some relevant references from

Improvisation Blog: Luhmann and Biology – Mark Johnson
and (very interesting, and just shared because I found a legal download link):